Feed can only be assigned one category group. GR would let me assign it several category groups.

I am testing Newsblur before I move from Google Reader. I noticed that I cannot have a feed under two categories. Why? In Google Reader I could. I check out Tor.com on Tuesdays and Fridays (a way to limit myself). Google Reader acomodated that very well. Now with Newsblur it looks like I can only add Tor.com to the list of items I check on Tuesdays or the list of items I check on Fridays, but not both.
What can I do?


Newsblur has folders; a feed can only be in one folder at a time, just like a file on your computer.

Reader had tags; a feed could have multiple tags associated with itself, although not all clients supported that feature.

As a workaround you can add a feed to multiple folders. Just click “+” as usual and add the feed multiple times in the folders you need it to be.

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Not really, as the read/unread count will be separated for each.

Note that with the “unread” (or focus) view, you don’t necessarily need anymore folders/tags to regroup what to check on a particular day.

In GReader, I had groups for things to check all the time, occasionally, etc. And sorted accordingly, so it bothered me that NB doesn’t let me sort folders the way I want.

I realized that in Newsblur, I need that less, as the not updated feeds simply won’t show up in the unread or focus views. So i regroup by theme more by “when to check”. Important feeds to not miss are trained to show in focus, and it works quite good for me.

No, when you have a feed in multiple folders, the read/unread counts will be synchronized. Newsblur treats it as a single feed in your account.

Can confirm Adrian - I’ve got a number of feeds in multiple folders.

Ah, didn’t know.

But, do they keep in sync? I mean If I already read something on the feed under the “Tuesday” folder, will it show up again on the copy of the feed under the “Friday” folder? The way I see it, to Newsblur they must be different feeds that happen to have the same source.

Yes, they keep in sync. I actually have some feeds in multiple folders and when I read something in one feed in one folder, it’s also read in all the other folders.

“just like a file on your computer.”
LOL not since the msdos era, symbolic links.

Vince: in addition to being technically incorrect your response isn’t helpful. All widely graphical interfaces make a distinction between the single canonical location of a file and various indirect ways you might find it.