Feed broken in Newsblur, but not elsewhere. Why?

This RSS feed: http://www.newstatesman.com/feeds_all… won’t work in NewsBlur, although it works in a browser and Feedly. What’s going on?

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Looks good to me: http://www.newsblur.com/site/1630793/…

Ohh, I see the issue. Right-click on the feed and open Statistics. If you scroll to the bottom you’ll see that the feed is timing out. It has 20 seconds to parse, and the average feed takes less than 1 second. So whatever’s happening on their feed is making it outside the acceptable bounds for parsing.

These things usually resolve themselves, but you can email them and ask that they only include 25 items in the feed. I’m not sure what they have, but I bet it’s way more than 25.

Thanks for the reply! I’m still not having any joy with it, despite deleting and readding several times - the statistics view shows it hasn’t been able to parse since 22 April. I’ve sent your suggestion on to them - really confused why it just doesn’t work in my newsblur…