Feature Request - River of News for the text of the stories


As the title says: “I want to suggest to also have a ‘River of News’ for the text.”

The reason I want this is, that there are quite a few rss feeds that have a very poor rss content and only the story text itself is of value. This would boost the convenience for some feeds I have enormously :slight_smile:

I also thought about why this feature may be missing:
I assume that this could lead to long loading times if many stories with much text content have to be shown.

So I also want to suggest some possible solutions if my guess is correct:
1.) paging
Only load a certain amount of stories to show their text (e.g. 20 stories ?) and offer an easy way (button ‘next’, auto load on scrolling down,…?) to switch to the next x stories (and their text).
2.) limit text amount
If (1.) is not enough you could further limit the text (number of characters) you retrieve per story.

Even with the above limits this would be a great enhancement. And maybe this would be an additional incentive for some users to go premium. I hope you like the idea and maybe we can enjoy such a feature in the near future.

Best Regards


This already exists! Just use the Text view when reading by folder. Premium only, of course.

Thanks for your reply. 
Maybe I was not able to explain what feature I am missing - or maybe I am doing something wrong?

Here is an image that shows a list when ‘Feed’ is selected…

And here is a screenshot showing only one story at a time when ‘Text’ is selected…


And yes, I do have a premium account:

Hi Samuel

I can imagine you are very busy. But I hope you can find a minute to have a look at my reply (with the two screenshots) and tell us whether this is really possible (because I don’t think so - at least not what I am searching for).


Ah-ha, you want an infinite scroll with the Text view. That isn’t possible, as you may have noticed that the Text view takes a couple seconds per story to load. That would make the infinite scroll take a long time to actually load, esp. if you jumped to a further down story.

I’d love to make it infinite, but there are just massive constraints that don’t make that possible.

Thanks for having a look - that’s what I’ve expected.

So what about my suggestion to use some kind of paging (only load eg. 2 text-stories and autoload the next 2 text-stories on scroll-down)?

This would keep loading times in reasonable regions (only load one story in advance) and
still would add the convenience to just scroll down through all the stories reading the text.


What’s wrong with the current system? You can’t infinite scroll (which is a whole bundle of work), but it still loads pretty quickly.

I wouldn’t call it a problem - more an inconvenience.

With the current system I have to change my focus back and forth between text and list of stories and instead of just scrolling I have to scroll, click, look right, scroll, look left, scroll, scroll, , click, look right, scroll, look left, scroll, scroll, …

It was just an idea I thought would be a great enhancement.
Whether the effort would be worth it is of course up to you to decide :wink:

Either way I will be using newsblur happily - it is a great tool.

Thanks for having a look at my request.
Best regards