Feature request: Mark all non-focus articles as read

There are certain feeds that just keep growing and growing (ie. slashdot), where I’d like to mark most of it as read in order to clean it up and get a better overview. But I’d like to keep the articles that I’ve trained newsblur to hilight. I can switch to focus, but that switches my entire newsblur, which results in me switching back and forth between the modes. It’s a small thing, but It would be quite useful, at least to me.

I’ve got two suggestions on how it might be implemented

  • As a preferences option: [] Don’t mark focused articles as read when marking «all as read»

  • As an extra entry in the right click menu on a feed/folder: «Mark non-focused entries as read» (yes, that terminology needs some work)

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Hrm, I did not remember I had submitted this so I almost submitted it again. This would still be really useful.