Feature Request: Disable Folder View

Several times a day I find myself accidentally clicking on the name of a folder rather than the name of the adjacent feed that I meant to select. This causes the folder view to start loading, which can be a bit intense on slower machines when you have many stories, and also occasionally will unintentionally ‘read’ the first story in the list, right as I click back on the feed I meant to click (and hunting down the mis-read story can be a chore). As it turns out, I never, ever read anything by folder, only by feed. Thus, it would be nice if there were an option to just make folders inert for reading purposes. Seems like a small enough thing that would save me a lot of headache and CPU time!


Hah, I’m sorry you’re running into this issue, but it’s not likely to become a disable-able feature. As the good doctor says, just don’t click it. :slight_smile:

I already have it set so that when you skip from feed to feed (shift+up/down, shift+j/k), it skips over folders if you’re not on them. So there’s that.

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