Feature request: Consolidation of stories from the same domain if nested in a folder

Sometimes a news site repeats the same stories from the same domain, but in multiple categories on the site itself…causing story repetition when viewed in Newsblur. It would be great if Newsblur offered the option to consolidate stories nested in a folder that have the same subject and the same domain as a single line item view
Example:Newsmax has a series of RSS feeds in categories like Politics, Finance, Science, Health as shown in https://www.newsmax.com/rss/

When all these feeds are nested in a folder, there is story duplication as shown in the screen shot below. For example, the first stories titled Former FDA Commissioner Gottlieb: Pfizer Pill Means COVID Pandemic’s End ‘In Sight’, there are two URLs, which is why Newblur shows two stories as follows:

…even though these stories are identical because of how Newsmax handles links to stories on their site.

Is it possible to have a folder view setting that consolidates stories if they meet the criteria of coming from the same domain, and have the same subject heading? This would deduplicate stories in folder view.


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I would love to see this. News sites that offer categorized feeds are the worst as articles will often (quite legitimately) be part of multiple categories. I spend as much time deduplicating as actually reading.