Faster way to unsave stories?

The way I use newsblur:

  1. I browse the list of all stories on my phone and save those that sound interesting.

  2. I open newsblur on my computer and open all stories that I have saved.

  3. I check/read those stories, maybe send them to my kindle or save them to evernote for later reference.

  4. I unsave those stories in newsblur.

Now I find it a little tedious to unsave dozens of stories one at a time. Is there a better way to do this?

Being able to “unsave all” or “unsave marked” would be nice.

Any idea?

Thanks, Alex

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Hmm, that’s an interesting idea. I’m afraid few have your use case, though, and the unsave all button would lead to catastrophe more often than not. Anybody else want to see something along these lines?

It would be a nice feature. It’s not too bad to just use the arrow keys and alternate down, s, down, s, down, s… to unsave them all.

I use Newsblur to save stories throughout the week and then compile them into a newsletter weekly. So, my use case is to save stories throughout the week, open all saved stories on Saturday, and then unsave the stories.

A batch unsave button would be most welcome.

I wouldn’t use this, but if it is added, please add a confirmation dialogue to avoid any accidents.

In the Account Options, there is a way to erase saved stories, with a confirmation dialog as well.

Yep, this was added a few months ago. Manage > Account > Delete all saved stories.

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Never knew this existed. Cheers!

I would be interested in a batch unsave. There are a few stories I want to keep saved indefinitely, but every once in a while need to clean out a whole bunch at once.

Check above, this now exists.

Right, you can delete all saved stories. But I have some that I want to keep, and then a whole bunch that I want to unsave. It’s a little bit different use case.

I just clicked on ‘Delete all of my sites’ by mistake. Without your awesome email backup, I would’ve been screwed. I do think a batch unsave button would be better, within the Saved Stories section of the interface.