Extra space in Retina display of Georgia on Safari

My laptop died and I’m using the NewsBlur Web site on a (borrowed) Retina display Mac for the first time. Overall, NewsBlur looks really good, but there is an issue with extra space after capital letters when Georgia is selected.

I tracked this down to NewsBlur’s use of “text-rendering: optimizeLegibility;” — when I disable this, the extra spacing is gone.

This may be an OS/Safari bug (OS X 10.8.5, Safari 6.1) but it would be useful if NewsBlur could work around it for now.

Stock NewsBlur (note the space after A in Apple, after M in Mac, after I in Igloo, and after P in Permalink):

With text-rendering: optimizeLegibility disabled, it looks much better:

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I have a 15" rMBP that I use for everything, so I’m particularly sensitive to changes that effect retina. I took a look at both and I have to say that with a blind test, I chose the optimizeLegibility (current setting) hands down. I think the kerning is far better, has fewer of those extra spaces caused by a capital-Y followed by a round letter, like an e or a. The way it is currently just looks better to me.

Georgia doesn’t render like this on iOS. It doesn’t render like this on non-Retina displays. It looks awful.

But since I seem so bad at convincing you of anything recently, let me then turn this into (another) request for the ability to specify custom CSS.

Yeah, custom CSS would be a great feature. I should really get around to implementing that.