Export / view all training?

Is there a way view the training you have done for your feeds? Apart from clicking on each one and looking?
Scenario, I use the Intelligence Trainer and down vote say Thrones in the title of a feed when Game of Thrones is out and don’t wanna see any articles cause of spoilers etc.
Now months later I maybe wanna see anything new with that topic again.
But I’ve forgotten I have the down vote so will never see it easily.
Would be nice to have an “show me all my training” in a summary page, or to be able to get it out via an API or an export.

Oh yes please, I’d also love to have that info in a dashboard of sorts and in an exportable fashion as well.

Also, I’d sometimes wish I could train global rules that will apply to any of the following:

  • Any feed (ex. Hide any feed having the text Sponsor in its title)
  • Any feed inside a specific folder (ex. Focus any feed having the text Breaking inside the News folder)
  • Any tag (ex. Hide any feed having the tag Sports)