Expanded item text extraction failure => failure to dynamically expand additional unread items.

After expanding an unread item in a feed (eg. Slashdot), the web reader reports “Sorry, the story’s text could not be extracted.” That’s OK. However, after unexpanding the item, the rest of the folder’s items fail to dynamically load. Instead, the UI makes it appear as though the end of the feed has been reached, despite many hundred additional unread items.

If the folder is reloaded, all items in the feed are dynamically loaded correctly so long as no “could not be extracted” errors are encountered.

Web UI on Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit on Google Chrome Version 30.0.1599.66

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This still seems to be occurring. Any plans for an update?

Hmm, that’s strange because I can’t reproduce that behavior. I load a folder in Text view, go through enough stories to hit a text extraction failure, then move on and everything still works fine.

You’re right… this doesn’t happen on any feed item except for Slashdot. Weird!