"Everything" doesn't have a unique URL

The dashboard is newsblur.com, and each site appends the site’s name to the url (including blurblogs). But since “everything” doesn’t have a url, if I browse to people’s blurblogs and the back to “everything”, on next reload or browser relaunch it returns me to the last blurblog or site I was looking at.

If “everything” had its own url, then each page on the site would have a unique url, and this confusion would not be an issue.

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The real issue is that I want URLs to be global. In other words, if you hand somebody a URL, they should see exactly what you see (without the unread statuses). Folders present an issue to that.

I *could* just shove all the feed ids into the URL under that folder, but that’s probably not what you want, since the unread stories will be off. And it’s such a personal view.

In the Backbone branch (it’s on a real dev site, since dev it practically production at this point), I have it fixed so that folders change the url back to “/”.

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I understand what you mean, but I agree that the home view is very personal. I can imagine sharing stories or maybe feeds, but I bet change the url to “/” on “everything” will work out for most people. Thanks!

But then some urls will be shareable and some won’t.


Now you, as an untrained user, have to figure out which of those can go out and which can’t. That’s why I just made it so that the non-shareable url doesn’t have a generated url. It’s a sacrifice, for sure.

My ears are open to feedback, as always.