ESCAPE returning me to the dashboard is a fairly big problem in Opera

Having the Escape key return me to the dashboard is driving me a bit batty.

Admittedly I’m unusual in using Opera, but Escape means Stop Loading or Dismiss Dialogue in other browsers as well, for example the Tor Browser. In Opera it also means Exit Context, which applies for example to the search box.

Several times I’ve been reading an article in Newsblur, almost my only news source, and decided to search for a term in the article. So I type Ctrl-E to reach the search box, hand the term to Startpage, and read the results in a new tab. When I return to the Newsblur tab I need to re-enter the page frame to navigate with Space and so on, which means I need to exit the search-box context. That is done with the Escape key. So when I return from my search to read the rest of the article it disappears.

The hassle is aggravated by my settings, which for my regular sites are Oldest and Unread. After the aforementioned sequence it can take quite a bit of time to relocate the original article.

Is there any way out of this Escape-key bind (pun intended)?

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