Entry (story) won't go away

There is one persistent item in “All site stories” feed, which won’t go away. It comes back on each refresh :slight_smile:


Update. Now there are two such stories, which reoccur from time to time (both are seen in previous screenshot).

Now I have three persistent stories

I’d love to help. What’s your username?

it sounds like this fellow is experiencing the same bug described here:
Previously-read Blurblog stories reappear as unread zombies
Ghost unread items

I’m still seeing this on a friend’s shared items feed as of today, Nov 6th

Hi, Samuel. My username is ‘laacz’. Today I’m already having four persistent items, which rappear after a while.

If you notice this happening again, let me know. I need to catch it in the act.

Hey, Samuel. It has happened again. And still does (with some unknown interval read items come back as unread). Whe pressing Sift+A (mark all entries as read), it does not come back anymore. It happens now only with this feed: http://www.ss.lv/lv/real-estate/homes….