endless loop of loading new posts but never getting to the new one

i made a screencast of a bug (02:00): http://igreupijesku.posterous.com/new…

on big sites like slashdot or gigaom newsblur gets into endlessl loop of loading new posts but never getting to the new one. sometimes it just jumps onto another feed.

i’m a premium user and usually have view selected only on “green” posts. i also selected several tags for both slashdot and gigaom (in screencast) for their intelligence trainer settings.

changing view to all or orange doesn’t help. hope the screencast is good format to submit a description of the bug :wink:

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forgot to mention:
* i’m on GNU/Linux 3.4.9-1-ARCH
* screencast is done in Chromium Version 21.0.1180.79 (151411)
* Firefox 14.0.1 is even worst (almost unusable, i.e. all, orange, green buttons are either not appearing or just don’t work)

it happens all the time for (at least) some weeks now.

Yup, that’s because the stories are too old to find. The reason it jumps to a new feed is that it just can’t find the story, but you probably want to keep reading. Ideally, the Unread Only option (right-click on the feed) will work for you.

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