Encoding wrong in Text view (iOS app)

E.g. “Indonesiërs” becomes “Indonesiërs” in Text view.


What’s the URL on newsblur.com (/site/X) for the site? And which specific story?

Website url of Story is: http://www.volkskrant.nl/vk/nl/11504/…

Rss: www.Volkskrant.nl/rss.XML

This is just an example. The same problem is in all stories of several sites.

I don’t know if this is the same problem, but I see incorrect characters in Text View all the time for the New York Times. Here are the most recent two stories from “NYT > Home Page”:


NewsBlur URLs, folks. The URL of newsblur.com while you’re on the site. The problem is that I can’t just subscribe to the URL you give me, because experience has taught me that I often end up with some other duplicate feed that doesn’t have the issues you see.

The URL that’s on newsblur.com/site/X where X is the feed id.

Good news, I fixed it for many foreign encodings (specifically Chinese and Russian). I hope this also fixes the issues you’re finding in the NYTimes. It will only work on stories that haven’t already cached their Text view (so new stories and some old stories).

It seems to work ok now. If I see an other encoding problem, I’ll let you know.

Worked for me too. :slight_smile: