Enable reading order preference on blurblogs

I have set the global preference for all my feeds to read oldest -> newest, and this works great! For blurblogs, though, oldest-newest means a bunch of stories I’ve already read are loaded first, and I have to either scroll past a bunch of previously-read shared stories, or hit M and wait until the list refreshes a couple of times, in order to see unread stories on the blurblogs I follow.

This wouldn’t be a problem if I could set the blurblogs’ reading order to newest -> oldest, but I can’t find a way to do that. Could we have a way to override the default reading order on blurblogs, the same way we can override the reading order for any individual feed?


Easier said than done. I actually have it turned on for my account (privileges of being an admin) and can tell that it’s still buggy and would result in stories all over the place. The real issue is that it’s like a river of rivers, so I can’t just figure out a proper oldest position.

Although plenty has changed since then, so I might have the read story ids that I need. I’ll take a look at this again at some point.

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