Empty Folder Displays All Site Stories.

If I select to view all feeds, rather than unread or trained stories (All, Grey, Green toggle at the bottom left) and then I click on a folder with no unread stories, newblur will basically show me the same thing as viewing ‘All Site Stories’. It should show me a blank feed instead.
If I switch that folder to show all stories rather than only unread, than only that folder’s stories are shown. Switching back to unread brings back all feed stories rather than an empty list.


Seen the same problem:


Totally didn’t find those. Thanks.

Missed at least one myself.

looks like my specific problem was because the folder is empty. It has no feeds inside of it.

It’s because of how the API works. When you click on a folder it sends a list of IDs of feeds in that folder, if you don’t send any feed IDs it defaults to every feed. Since an empty folder contains no feeds it cannot send any IDs and so it returns every feed.

Clicking on a folder would send the feed_ids, but if you have it set to Unread Only, it only sends the feed ids which have unread counts. If you were to set your Folder to All Stories, it would return the correct stories, since all the feed_ids are being sent.

I suppose I could solve this by always sending the full list of feed_ids in a folder, but that would be a bit slower. And if you are in Unread Only mode, you wouldn’t see empty folders anyhow.

Samuel Clay said: “And if you are in Unread Only mode, you wouldn’t see empty folders anyhow.”

Ah, but I do. This is from the “acting_odd_the_past_few_days” thread:

"I’ve seen this myself for the past week or so. Chrome on Mac OS X 10.8.3.

I have many feeds in many folders. Usually when a feed has no unread stories in it it doesn’t show up on the left. As of about a week ago all feeds show up on the left even wen they have no unread stories. Reloading newsblur.com has no effect."

To clarify, all my feeds are “Unread Only” and yet they appear in the feed list even when all stories are read.

What’s the segmented control at the bottom show? Between All/Unread/Focus. I have a feeling it’s on All, not Unread.

This has been a source of confusion for a bit. All/unread in a feed is different than All/Unread/Focus at the feed list level. They don’t control the same thing, even though they are labeled similarly.

D’oh! I’m an idiot. Thanks, that was it. Thanks. (and maybe something should be renamed)

Yeah, I had All selected for folders and unread for feeds.
It makes sense based on how it works it’s just confusing when you encounter it without expecting it to work this way.

Related, I found this out because my folder only had one feed in it (lifehacker) and that disappeared somehow, though, I never deleted it myself. I don’t really need the feed back, but thought I’d mention it somewhere.