Embedded videos should not auto start playing

Rss feed that contains (multiple) embedded youtube videos starts playing (all of them) when loaded. This is a problem even if one video is present somewhere down in the feed, because the user has to scroll down for it, in order to be able to stop it. The problem is multiplied by the number of videos, such as the presence of multiple videos results in starting a veritable cacophony when loading the respective feed.

Example of such a feed:
rss source for it:

Expected normal behavior: The playback of embedded videos should not be initialized automatically.


It’s up to the publisher, since they choose to turn that on or off.

Perhaps an option is to not load the video w/o a click? Just have an icon where a person can click/tap to play. That should be possible w/o relying on corrupt publishers.

If you use Safari on a Mac, you can use ClickToPlugin:


It’s excellent - especially for replacing Flash content with HTML5 where available.

There are similar plugins for different browsers/platforms.

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