Easier way to follow feeds found via blurblogs (and the popular feed)

The meta surrounding the popular blog might make it rough to implement but occasionally i discover feeds I want to follow through others’ blurblogs and the global feed, and following them is a rather complicated jumble of tabs and copy and paste magic, and could be simplified to a single button.

Following users’ as easily would be nice too and would make me more inclined to follow more people.

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I’m planning to build this into the iOS app. On the web it’s easy, just click on the feed title or the avatar of the user.

I don’t get that option for the feed title…i get:

* Open
* Mark as (un)read
* Save this story
* Email Story
* Share to your blurblog
* Intelligence Trainer

forgot about the user bit, that works brilliantly.

well color me stupid…just actually CLICKED on the feed title expecting it to jump me out to the website for the feed only to have it bounce me to the feed view for that feed inside of news blur. Nice, but not very easily discoverable :slight_smile: