easier "mark as read"

Have “mark as read” always visible. When there is a long list and you only scroll down 1/2 way and get tired/bored, there should be a way to mark all as read without scrolling back to the top of the folder or right clicking the folder in the list on the left.


Hi Michael…

Thanks for the heads-up regarding Shift-A. I can’t seem to find docs anywhere. Am I missing something?

Bottom left:

Thanks! (guess I was looking for more complete docs…though most of the program is pretty intuitive).

I completely agree with the option “mark as read only the visible feeds”.
It’s more like GReader behavior.

You can also double click the number of unread posts next to the feed name on the left to mark all as read.


Same idea from me! I’d appreciate moving the “mark all read” button somewhere else, since now it is located above the posts list and disappears when scrolling down. So if one wants to mark all reviewed posts as read he has to get back to the top of the post list. Moving the button somewhere else where it won’t disappear would be handy.

Keyboard shortcuts are handy of course but some of us are just stuck to our mice :wink:

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Would also like to be able to mark all read for shared stories. (Doesn’t work in iOS app that I can see.) Thanks!

Am i just missing it, or is there not even a toolbar button for this when reading all site stories? I see it if I’m reading just a folder, but not when i’m skimming over everything, and the shift+a then enter method is much clunkier than just one click and done. Also, automatically refreshing the feed to clear the read posts out after marking all as read would be wonderful. I spend so much time right now hammering away at shift+a,enter,r. One click would be welcome.

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Would definitely like this implemented as it drives me nuts.

FYI, double clicking the unread count marks *all* as read, regardless of whether they’re displayed in the list or not…
E.g. if you’re viewing a feed with lots of items, and while you’re reading more appear (the unread counter increases, but the article list doesn’t update - exactly as it should be), clicking the “Mark all read” button at the top of the article list only marks those items visible in the list as read - the new item/s wont be marked read.
Double clicking the unread count marks them all read, including the ones that you never actually saw.

Edit 2013-09-13
Well, bugger. It now appears that the mark all read that everyone (including me) wants more visible has changed behaviour and no longer only marks those items that are listed. If new items have arrived while you were reading and aren’t displayed in your article list, pressing mark all read will mark those read as well.

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I’m astounded there’s no way other than a keyboard shortcut to mark all feeds as read when viewing All Site Stories. I’m fed up with Feedly and am considering fleeing to NewsBlur, but one of the things Feedly has that I don’t know I can live without is a big fat checkmark at the bottom of every feed list.

I was just musing on this myself and wonder if perhaps the iOS app already has an answer.

I tend to use the ‘split’ view when reading in my desktop browser which does offer a clickable menu option.

You can enable this mode using the control at the bottom right of your newsblur tab FYI.

However, the equivalent view in the current (Feb. 2014) iOS app for the article list has a permanent “mark as read” icon as seen in the following image. It’s the “lines of text with a tick-mark” icon.

Though the two clicks option the menu provides right now is okay, I feel the addition of the “mark as read” button as seen in the iOS app would offer a useful improvement - there’s always a slight delay between clicking the menu icon, having the menu appear and being able to select “Mark as Read” that the presence of the iOS icon would remove. It would also add a little extra consistency between the two platforms which is always (generally speaking) nice.

The browser version has a button for marking all as read. Highlighted in red in the image below.

Link to image

In addition, if you click the small plus on the left side of the button you can choose to mark all posts older than 14, 7, 3 or 1 day.

You can also tap and hold on the feed title in iOS to get access to the 1, 3, 7, 14 day option.

Thank you Hampus - I’d missed that. I’ve only been using Newsblur since the beginning of the year but it seems each time I think of something I’d like it to do, when I do a quick search I find out it’s already implemented. This is yet another demonstration of that trend. :slight_smile:

You can use the Shift-A keyboard shortcut, but I second keeping the header always visible would be preferable.

Also nice would be an option to only mark the part of the list I’ve scrolled by as read (e.g., if I have 5 minutes to catch up on feeds I’ll scroll down the lists, but not read everything and not get all the way thru, but I’d like to mark what I’ve scrolled by as read for the next 5 minutes of catching up without marking everything as read).