e-mail forwarding feature not working

The ability to send/forward a news item from my account via e-mail has suddenly collapsed and died; it was working sporadically yesterday, but today it’s just not working at all. Hope this is a simple fix.

ALSO–and I’ve mentioned this before–your system just refuses to remember the names/addresses in my forwarding e-mail list–the people I regularly forward/send e-mail to from my account–but every once in while ALL of the names suddenly reappear (sometimes after many weeks of not appearing). This suggests to me that your system isn’t syncing properly with my account. It’s now down to only two addresses that regularly appear–one of which is my own–which makes it fairly useless because I’m forced to retype or cut& paste an address into the e-mail feature EACH and EVERY time I want to forward something to someone. PLEASE look into this. THANK YOU in advance!

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So addresses are not actually synced. They are stored locally in cookies. However, you should be seeing any addresses that you’ve entered in on that machine.

As for emails not working, what error do you get?

Hi. Thanks for the quick reply. I always use the same machine–and this seems to ONLY happen in conjunction with your site (the addresses not reappearing each time I attempt to forward a news story); I didn’t know they were stored in cookies, though. Sometimes the addresses all reappear (as I mentioned earlier), sometimes only a few do; nowadays only two of them keep reappearing on a regular basis, BUT, after long periods of nothing EXCEPT those two reappearing addresses, ALL of the old ones will just suddenly appear again! But that only lasts for a brief period.

As for the forwarding of news items via your e-mail feature, what happens is…nothing; the icon in the upper righthand corner spins and spins and that’s about it, and, after a while, the e-mail template simply disappears and nothing has been sent; repeating this process leads to the same results, over and over again. This feature has always worked fine until yesterday–when it worked on & off–but today it won’t send/forward a single news item. Suggestions?? Thanks.

If you want to see all of the stored address, hit the down arrow key when you enter that address text field. They should all popup.

As for the email dialog, I just tested it and it works fine. Can you do me a favor and show me the list of browser extensions you have installed?

Okay, I tried the down arrow, but, alas, I still only get those same two addresses popping up; perhaps my cookies setting is to blame, since that’s where they reside, which makes sense since that’s the same thing place they reside in my gmail addresses (EXCEPT, they’re always there/available when I’m in gmail–and they never vary/disappear and reappear like they in Newsblur–so, why would they disappear and reappear with Newsblur and not with gmail?? Confusing.

On the other matter, I just tried the e-mail forwarding from Newsblur and, wouldn’t you know it, it worked just fine (much like a car with intermittent troubles!)–the first time it worked today. Tried it again and it likewise worked fine. Maybe that issue corrected itself, somehow?

I just checked my browser extensions–BTW, with Newsblur I only use FF–and I have three of them (I forgot I even had a couple of these!), which are as follows:

Force TLS 4.0.0
AddThis 3.5.9
AdBlock Pop up AddOn 0.9.1

Hope this helps. Thanks!!

It’s the Adblock. Disable that and it should work.

“It should work”–would refer to the address names reappearing or (more likely) did you mean the e-mail forwarding feature (which now seems to be working again)?? And, if it’s the latter, any idea why it would suddenly start doing this after a year of working properly? That extension has been there for ages (because FF, alone, isn’t very good about blocking ads without it/something added on), and yet the e-mail forwarding has always worked fine with your site. Perhaps it’s this latest version of FF that’s interfering? I have noticed a few other “oddities” with FF 28.

Thanks again for the very quick replies!