During the "spring cleaning" of my feeds, some have disappeared.. How can i get them back ?

And I have a proof ! When I go to Newsblur, during the loading I can see the number of 71 feeds, but when everything is loaded, poof, 6 feeds are gone and I’m now stuck to 65.

These feeds were on a folder that I moved and he’s now lost somewhere. I hope it’s not on “the” island… Anyway, I’d be glad if anyone can, please, help me. Thanks for the help and the amazing product that is Newsblur !

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What’s your username? It’s possible these feeds are orphaned, although I’m not sure how, since feeds were orphaned when deleted due to a bug from a year ago.

Thanks for the reply, my username is : AlexisDechatre


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Oh perfect, a big thanks ! You can mark as solved this issue.