Duplicates in avc.com feed

Seeing duplicates in avc.com feed https://www.newsblur.com/site/1216602…

Possibly a feedburner issue?

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I have a robust dupe detector in place, even if the story has a different GUID (globally unique id). Unfortunately, these stories are *just* below the threshold because of the smattering of links at the bottom of the story, which all have different URLs.

It’s a caching bug on their part. They really shouldn’t be changing the GUID. I’ll keep me eye on it, but apart from loosening up the dupe detector, I’m hesitant to do anything. Although, it looks like the dupe detector should take into account article length, and for a longer article there should be a slightly lower threshold for dupes.

Ah, possibly related to this: http://avc.com/a_vc/2014/02/the-new-a…

“…we have moved AVC from Typepad to WordPress.org

Awesome, looks like it’s now fixed.