Duplicated feeds on 3rd party iOS apps

Some weeks ago I accidentally deleted all my feeds via the NewsBlur web site.  NewsBlur kindly emailed me a backup archive, just in case I made a mistake.  GREAT FEATURE!

I promptly imported the archive back in to the web site.

The problem I now have is that two of my feeds appear duplicated when I view them via the iOS apps Unread or Reeder (Daring Fireball and Mac OS Rumors).  If I mark the items read in the “normal feed” the duplicated feed remains.

I do not see the duplicated feed in the NewsBlur web site, nor the NewsBlur app.  I went so far as to purchase Reeder for iOS to see if it was a bug in Unread, however as soon as my NewsBlur account was entered in to Reeder, it exhibited the same duplication.

This leads me to believe that the duplication of information is coming from NewsBlur itself.


I’m still having this problem – Can’t find any other way to try to get support from NewsBlur.  Anyone out there willing to offer some advice on this?


Have you written to the authors of your 3rd party iOS apps?  There is no separate API that the NewsBlur iOS app uses — it’s all open source in any case, so it is probably related to the way in which the 3rd party iOS apps *use* the NewsBlur API.

I haven’t tried the NewsBlur iOS app.

I will note that I do in-fact see the bogus feeds burried in the web site’s “organize feeds” preference window.  So I am fairly certain its an issue with NewBlur’s server side DB, and not any of the clients.  Especially since all 3rd party clients I tried exhibit the same problem.

See this thread for what I think finally fixed it for me.  


Your message says “I do not see the duplicated feed in the NewsBlur web site, nor the NewsBlur app” — which is inconsistent with your later statements such as “I haven’t tried the NewsBlur iOS app.” It seems like you’re just deleting the duplicate feeds, which makes sense… can’t figure out what you’re describing that would actually be a bug in the server side of NewsBlur.

You’re right - I did try with the NewsBlur app - I forgot in the 4 weeks of frustration.

Here’s the thing:  the dup feeds (as seen in 3rd party apps) didn’t naturally appear on the web site in the feed list.  HOWEVER!  When on the web site I went to organize feeds and then clicked “flat”, I was indeed able to see the bogus feeds.  It wasn’t until clicking flat that the bogus feeds became visible.

I wasn’t able to delete the feeds in their “natural” position, as they would just “re-appear.”  it wasn’t until I tried moving the feeds to the Top Level was I able to actually delete them.