Down time advisory

Was trying to use Newsblur last night on my phone and it wasn’t working well, so I checked via my laptop and saw the advisory that there was an update being performed. No problem with updates being done, but perhaps there’s a way to have that same advisory shown via the app on phones/tablets when any updates are being done. Thanks, Sam! Great app, still love it after all these years!

Last night’s downtime was unplanned and unfortunately took 45 minutes because I didn’t have my phone on me. When I came back to it and restored service, I threw up a maintenance page so I could ensure everything worked. That maintenance page is shown in the apps as well as on the web.

But those 45 minutes were complete darkness because HAProxy was killed due to being out of memory. So the apps don’t show anything apart from NewsBlur being down because there’s nothing to show.

Anyway, downtime is incredibly rare these days and after every downtime like this, I work in ways to prevent it from happening again.

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Hmmm…I didn’t see the maintenance page in the app (android) but it’s worked out ok in the end. Thanks!

Just a heads up for you I never got the maintenance page on my iphone. I got offline and my app crashed. It’s all good now.