Double-charged for premium subscription


I got a notification that my card was expiring and I should update my payment method.

I clicked “CHANGE YOUR CREDIT CARD” under Accounts > Payments > Premium details, and went through PayPal to update my card number.

But instead of updating my payment info, it charged me again for a subscription and changed my billing date to August 1st. I’ve been a premium subscriber for a while now, and my previous billing date was April 1st.

Can I get this charge refunded, and my previous billing date restored? How do I go about doing this?


Hi Nick, I recommend emailing me ( with the receipt of the payment you’d like refunded. I assume what happened is that you switched payment methods. When switching from credit card to PayPal, I have to charge you immediately otherwise the subscription won’t stick. I extend the renewal date out, but that’s not always preferred.

Hi Samuel,

Ah, I used the wrong email address when I initially reached out ( I’m forwarding you the PayPal info now. Thank you!