Double charged and how to downgrade account

It looks like I was charged twice for a premium account (according to my account page. The account is “jeapostrophe”.)

Also, there’s no UI for downgrading an account or stopping a subscription… is deleting my account the only option? Will that even do it? I don’t plan on right now, but I’d like to know it is possible.


When using there is an “Account” option to “Cancel subscription renewal”. I haven’t tested this yet and would recommend to wait another week or so, until everyone goes back to normal.

I think Samuel (the developer of NewsBlur) plans to release the new GUI at for everyone very soon. At the moment it’s some kind of beta version, but with the same account and feed information.

That’s awesome and all I need to know for now on that part of the question. (I was still charged twice… and I’ve seen Samuel reply to other people with refunds. I presume he will to me when he gets back to work on Monday.)