Double acute accent looks ugly/missing (missing from font?)

The double acute accent (like hungarian ő and ű) looks
-ugly with Helvetica:

-missing from all other fonts (replaced with o/u), except Palatino/Georgia


Hmm, perhaps you could add a custom CSS selector to your browser to change fonts.

.NB-story-title {
font-family: Georgia, Palatino;

I’m really stupid to web design, but I guess that would change the title font to Palatino/Georgia. I can do that with the style settings on the bottom of the page, but I think it’s an ugly font, I rather use Helvetica with issues.
It’s not really important, but i thought you should know about it, I guess you don’t read much hungarian feeds :slight_smile:

I don’t see that NewsBlur web-loads font resources except for variants of Chronicle Display, Gotham, Sentinel and Whitney, though. So if Helvetica doesn’t have good glyphs for the characters you want, isn’t that entirely an OS-level font issue?

I did some testing: It’s browser dependent: looks ok in firefox, but ugly in chrome (chrome: windows/linux; firefox: linux only)