Doesn't update enough.

I love the look and feel of NewsBlur, but I have to say, after being used to real-time updates with Google Reader, even the paid version of NewsBlur doesn’t update often enough for my liking. :frowning:


The servers are very overloaded right now. This is not representative of the usual performance.

Ok, so this is what I was wondering. I wasn’t sure if the refresh limit was for real or if I just didn’t understand what the owner was getting at by refreshes. That will probably be a make it or break it for me. I’m constantly checking my though the day.

But I thought it said on the front page that site refreshes a day are limited? 1 per day if you are a free user, and up to 10x that if you are a paid user? Am I reading that wrong? Having my feeds not update though the day is the main thing that would keep me from joining.

I think it might be more like “once per hour” for free users, and basically whenever you want if you’re a paid user. And if a paid user subscribes to a feed, the faster updating will benefit all non-paid users for that feed as well.

Right now, nothing’s really happening at all, though. I can access only a few of my feeds, but if I read something, it comes right back as unread. I’m chalking this up to forced-productivity thanks to google’s little exodus-DDOS (exoddos??) on all alt RSS readers :slight_smile:

I thought it said once a day for free users as well. If it’s once a minute, or even hour, I think I could live with that. I won’t delete my account just yet, and give the admins/servers time to deal with the spike in users and adjust accordingly.

That’s how I feel. It doesn’t have to be instant, but I don’t want to have to wait 24 hours for something to update. But I may just have to deal since google is screwing the pooch like this.