Does Newsblur support RSS’ skipHours, skipDays, and ttl elements?

Is the ttl element support? How is this used when there are Cache-Control: max-age headers?

What about skipHours and skipDays?

What are the best practices for publishers?

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So I theoretically have the ability to handle skipHours and skipDays in my own RSS generation, which I use for publishing blurblog and saved story rss feeds. I may choose to expand that further into folders and feeds one day.

As for fetching feeds, I ignore those elements. Doesn’t seem like they are used all that much and all it does is save bandwidth for a short period of time. I’m happy to keep checking feeds. If a feed goes dark for more than 30 days I cut to a reduced fetch speed, but still fetch in case the feed lights up again.

Thanks for your answer.

Do you respect or take hints from caching headers for fetching?

Yep, I do use caching headers, both Last Modified and an etag. I’ll send that back and respect a 304.

But not Cache-Control: max-age=seconds ?