Do unread items sunset after 14 days?

Ok i’m not the only one to want more than 14 days :slight_smile:
I will just subscribe to the premium account because NewsBlur seems the top … but i hope we won’t have to manually write down what is the last post we have read on specific RSS just because our favorite developer doesn’t want to change 14 to 60 :slight_smile:


+1 from here too. 30 or 60 days would be much better.


Another excellent point. Obviously you want your news reader to keep track of things while your away so you can catch up when back!

Just +1ing this for tackling after your current efforts to deal with scaling the site - it may not be efficient for people to leave things unread for 2 weeks and then expect to go back to them, but that’s how a lot of us do things anyway. Honestly, I’d hope to be able to keep unread items there in perpetuity - but I think 30 days is really the bare minimum for a lot of us.


i was thinking of signing up for a premium acount, i check my rss several times a day to make sure i stay up to date. i am in the national guard so there are several times where i will be going away for 2-4 weeks a year. maybe a way to mark your account as vacation then it will keep your unread articles till 2 weeks after you return?

Yeah, that is some “640k is enough for anyone” shit from Samuel right there :wink:

+1 for extending this to at least 90 days - one of my uses for Reader is to catch up on the Internet after holidays, and 14 days is just too short.


I agree with the others here, 14 days is too short. 30 days is probably sufficient for my needs.

I wanna travel and not have to worry on losing new articles. I wanna get busy and stay 1 month away.

Unread articles will grow? Sure. That’s where training comes up. Show me what’s more relevant and I save what I wanna read, then I go to all the rest also saving.

Then comes another - and the real - issue: I’ll have too many starred articles to read. And I need to organize and sort these way more important unread articles :stuck_out_tongue:

Solution is simple, just add starred articles to normal folders and feeds. They are already implemented by you, already organized by me. Easy and beloved!

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I was just travelling for 4 months and noticed for the first time Google Reader actually has a time limit, so after switching to Newsblur and buying a Premium account I’m disappointed to find out that NewsBlur has an even lower limit!

It doesn’t really matter for most sites that update daily, but I also have lots of webcomics and torrent feeds that usually update once a week.

What about limiting the *number* of unread items per feed, instead of using the time? I think this would work well for most cases, and would be straight-forward to implement.

Of course a per-feed setting for Premium accounts would be very welcome as well, with the option to remove the limit for specific feeds.

Exactly. There’s already a mark all as read button, if I don’t use it it probably has a reason.

I too would prefer if unread items stayed unread indefinitely. There’s a mark all as read button available, so if I don’t use it there probably is a reason.

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Just switch to TinyRSS, it’s much better.

This is not a proper RSS reader, it’s some weird amalgamation of some RSS reader features with a ton of useless social features.

And yeah, I did waste money on the premium account as well.

I took a look in TinyRSS and it seems simpler than NewsBlur. NewsBlur is also OpenSource, you can download and install it.

How exactly would that solve this issue?

If you download NewsBlur you can easily set your own DAYS_OF_UNREAD.

Of course, then you would have to support the loads of extra work that it would require.

And fix trim_feed and whatever else this “rss reader” hides in it’s code.

+1 for this feature request.

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