Disable glowing/pulsing background?

Is there a way to disable the glowing / pulsing background in the preview pane when it is not displaying a story? Its somewhat distracting and hard on the eyes. Thanks!

How large is the pulsating? It should just be a small line. And to be honest, I broke it a month ago so it’s just white in Chrome right now.

It takes up as much space the preview screen is set for. Sample attached. Its much smoother in real life but the gif at least gives an idea.

Hah, ohh, yeah that’s not right. I’ll get that fixed as soon as I fix the JavaScript pipeline, which has taken over a month. I’ll prioritize that now.

Thanks! :smiley:

There’s a huge change that I need to make to the static assets and this happens to be the first user visible change on the new asset pipeline. I’ve deployed the new pipeline to staging but want to ensure it works.

Can you do me a favor and check if it works on staging.newsblur.com?

Hi - I tested the staging link and I think its actually me, not you. :slight_smile: Or more specifically its the Stylish add-on. Though you’ve added native support for dark mode I prefer the version of dark mode available in Stylish. The side bar gray is a darker gray in Stylish making it easier on the eyes. When I turn Stylish off the pulsing blue goes away. Sorry for the false alarm.

Ahh that’s good. I had a feeling it was custom CSS, but to be fair I did go mucking about on that component recently and fixed it up.