Deviant art using wrong images

This occurs on the web app as well as android. has its own rss feeds for artists. Example: They support I appears the newsblur story display is grabbing the element (there appears to be 3 thumbnails per item of different sizes). Instead it should be grabbing, at least I beleive it should, the full size image from the element


Nice catch, and thanks for doing the legwork. Looks like they are using a “medium=‘image’” attribute instead of the standard ‘type’ attribute. Added it and the full size now shows up. Thanks!

Hmm… well its sorta fixed. First off you guys are awesome for responding so quickly! Actually now it shows both the thumbnail and full-size images. Also side note but no images in the story preview panel, maybe you can use one for that too?…

That took a whole lot longer than I anticipated, but this is now fixed. Let me know if anything looks weird. Dear lord that took a long time.

I also changed the heuristic so the “Share this/Digg this” images would be less likely to be shown.