dev: Titles missing from the story list pane

Hi. I noticed that on the story list pane there are missing titles that appear in the feed view. Check the screenshot below.

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I also noticed that this happens only in folder view (river of news). When viewing directly the feed, the stories are in a different order.

You’re going to love this branch I’m working on as we speak:…. (Social is waiting on press to launch…)

This will make river incredibly fast, while also giving oldest-first and unread-only options. It will also eliminate bugs like this.

Oh, no. This just happend to me again. There are titles missing on the story titles pane in river of news. The stories appear in the feed list, but they don’t appear in the story titles pane.

New info: I noticed that this happens when there is a story that appears on multiple feeds in a folder. I think the problem is related to this: Can’t advance when having two consecutive exactly the same stories.

If you want to reproduce, you can put and in the same folder and navigate to the story “Paul Tagliamonte: monomoy (the next generation of qlight)”, dated Friday, August 3rd, 2012 3:28am in river of news.

Yep, I think this is it. When there’s a story which appears in two or more feeds from a folder, the titles pane doesn’t display the next titles in folder view when I get to that story. I noticed that the titles pane recovers after 11, 12, sometimes 23-34 stories, I couldn’t determine a pattern.

I hope you could find the time and fix this. Don’t know how hard it is, but hopefully’s not that hard…

Hi. Do you think you might find some time to look into this as well? Itţs happening since a very long time and I think it should get fixed eventually.

Boy oh boy, this was was a ridiculous bug, but it’s fixed. It’s fixed! I’m terribly sorry about how long this took, but it’s finally gone. Hope you enjoy.

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Alright, thanks! Better late than never.