[dev] Story title pane not loading items properly

An issue I keep running in to specificity on the dev version. The story title pane just stops loading more stories at a random point. Sometimes it loads the 12 first before not loading more, sometimes it can go all the way to 24 or more but generally it will stop at some arbitrary point even if I scroll to the bottom, just won’t load more.

The regular/old version of newsblur doesn’t seem to have this problem at all, as long as I keep scrolling down it keeps loading more items.

This needs to be fixed before the dev version is made the live version.

Also, a suggestion, up the amount of items loaded at a time maybe up to 10 from the current 6, start loading more items before the user hit the bottom like when there are two stories left (below the visible point on the screen) and finally, when a site is first selected load more stories, currently it seems to be dependant on window height but I’d suggest loading a minimum of 20 (2 times 10) or 24 (4 times 6) items. All of those would make the story pane and its loading feel smoother I think.


I’m having this exact same problem. Any ideas of a work around so I can keep using the dev version?

I still have this problem. Happens on Chrome, Firefox and the Iphone App. Loads random number of stories then no more load.

And why in the world is there no refresh button. I always have to click on All Stories to get anything new. I assumed that both of these issues would be fixed by now as they seem obvious since that is how Google Reader functioned, but nothing yet.

Any help out there?