dev.newsblur: keyboard shortcut for sharing a story?

dev.newsblur: Is there a keyboard shortcut for sharing a story? I didn’t find one in the keyboard shortcuts dialog.


Not yet. Can’t decide how it would work, since there’s an optional comment. I’m thinking about hooking up command+enter (or ctrl+enter) to submit the share, since enter is used for newlines in a comment. But s is already taken for starring. Shift+s, maybe?

Shift+S sounds good to me. Maybe some other people should have a say also?

OK, so to share, you’ll have to Shift+S then Ctrl+Enter. Seems reasonable.

Excellent. This is now deployed. See the quite complicated commit here:…

Thanks. Works fine as far as I tested.

Samuel, if a story is already shared, then shouldn’t pressing Shift+s unshare it?

Just like, we press ‘s’ to toggle save. Then Shift+s should toggle share. Instead Shift+s always brings up the menu and then you have to click cancel share with your mouse.

An easy shortcut to unshare or assigning shift+s to toggle share would be great.

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I just answered you in another thread, but for right now, there is no un-share. I’ll get it built eventually, but I don’t consider it a showstopper (among many, many other features I’d like to build but can’t in order to get this shipped).

Right. It is definitely not a showstopper.