dev.newsblur, did embeds disappear?

It seems like embeds, such as youtube videos, disappeared in the past few days. I haven’t investigated much, but it doesn’t work on Mozilla on a couple of my linux boxes. I haven’t been able to verify in Chrome.

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Did they disappear? What’s a site that has the type of embed you’re looking for?

disappeared, they used to work and don’t work now. Any youtube embed fails, for instance. Here’s an example with a yt embed:…

Here’s the feed with that:

Here’s a screenshot with that example:…

This URL also fails, it’s a liveleak embed.…

I think this RSS feed should also show embedded videos.…

and an Atom feed with it, for the “blank on blank” story.

So what’s the blank on blank issue? The Kickstarter blog works fine for me.

hrm. They don’t load for me, but if they load for you I’ll blame it on the browser.

From the source, there’s no video in the RSS feed:

how about this one- definitely embeds the youtube vids.

On the other hand, they don’t appear when I open that directly in my browser, so it’s definitely an end user issue.

Believe it or not, that feed also has no youtube embeds: Just links. Now, that may be a nice feature request to make (if it’s a link to a youtube video, just go ahead and embed it).

Ohhh, wait, shoot shoot shoot. It’s because I’m stripping them out. Doh! I recently upgraded the feedparser and forgot to add the embed/video tags back in. Fixing…

heh! Yeah, I was looking at the rss source and I saw the embed tags.

Thanks tedder for being so persistent. This has now been fixed and updates will propagate out all day. You should expect to see videos now. Thanks again!