dev: New Inteligence controls broken on Firefox/Windows 7

In Firefox 14/Windows 7 I can resize the site list and the inteligence controls break:


I have a similar, but slightly different, issue with the same in Chrome/W7. The current minimum width for that frame cuts off the “us” on the right-most button. However, I’d still like to be able to make that pane even narrower than it currently goes, so the addition of more text to the icons is slightly concerning in that regard :slight_smile:

OK, fixed for both of you. The pane can now be narrower, and the text disappears if you go narrower than the text can support. Enjoy.

Here’s the commit:…

Nice, but I still experience this as an intermediary state between the minimized version and the text version. It happens when the right site list margin touches the intelligence controls. To reproduce, just slowly resize the site list.

This panel is getting a redesign soon, so I’ll fix it when I move the intelligence slider to the top. It’ll have enough room to never have to lose the text.