[dev] Clicking on a comment interaction from the dashboard sends you to the commenter's blurblog instead of the interaction.

From the dashboard, in the Interactions section, clicking on a reply’s text (eg: “dariusk replied to your comment: “DAN SAVAGE””) (and therefore I click on “DAN SAVAGE”) sends me to the commenter’s blurblog, instead of to the comment interaction itself.


Yeah, it should go to the blurblog of the original commenter (the parent of the reply). Fixed and deployed! A huge thanks for figuring this one out.

Also, the best news is that this works retroactively (I didn’t have to change the db to fix it).

This is not fixed. Here’s what happens:

  1. I get a notice of an interaction, “drspam replied to your reply: …”

  2. I click on the interaction.

What I *expect* to happen, and what the OP here expects to happen, is that you get taken to the interaction. I expect in this case to go to the article I commented on, so I can see the comments and comment some more.

What *actually* happens is that I get taken to drspam’s blurblog. drspam was the one who shared the article being commented on, so that’s half-right. But instead, it just goes to his blurblog. The default, top-level view of the blurblog.

Basically, the precise behavior described by Courtney Stanton.

Slight clarification: I have my preferences set to only show unread stories. Obviously going to the blurblog won’t show me the interaction, because I read the story when I commented on it.

Discussion continued here: https://getsatisfaction.com/newsblur/…