DEV: Can't remove tags in intelligence trainer

Using the Intelligence Trainer (on DEV), and I have some green tags I no longer want to be green. I have two tags that won’t save their yellow state. The tags that do retain their color state have an x# next to them. The stubborn ones do not have anything next to them.

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Just to follow up, I was able to go to and change the tag from green to yellow.

Okay, now the tags are retaining their state. Not sure when it happened, or if it was just a fluke on my end, but thanks :slight_smile:

Ohh, no, I saw the server errors on my side. Not sure why, but the error said that all of those tags you tried to set were already set. If it happens again, try refreshing the browser, and then immediately emailing me (or just post here) so I can figure out why.