Desktop email sharing simplification

I just subscribed to Newsblur earlier in the week. It’s really great so far. Only one request at the moment. I love it more if you could simplify the email subject and advert content, from when you email a story from the desktop?

  • The personal comment gets a little lost wedged in between the repeated subject line headline and the article headline.

  • Instead of the long subject line “[user] is sharing a story with you entitled [title]” maybe you could shorten it to: “[user] has shared: [title]” The way it is now, the subject lines are all really similar looking when then the subject gets truncated in a small email window.

-I’m totally cool with the Newblur advert at the bottom, but maybe you could shorten that too? 7 links is a lot. Maybe you could link to an about page, or if you want to do all 7 links in the email itself, maybe you could condense and simplify to a row of links, instead of the 3 list sections you have now. example:

Twitter: @newsblur | Github: @samuelclay | Blog | Support | iOS App | Android App | Browser extensions.

Loving the site overall, Thanks for all your efforts.

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Brilliant idea! Just redesigned the email. Tell me what you think.

Wow! Awesome. That’s fantastic. Thank you much.

How do I email a story from the desktop please? I see the Share button but no ability to then share using my email client.

There’s a send to email button in the menu when you right-click a story title. I’ve been meaning to expose that better because it’s so darn handy.

Thanks Sam, I see it.
I have a suggestion too - It’d be nice to have the option of emailing the content too, as shown in TEXT mode. 
All the best,Shane.