Deleted Feeds Returning

“Delete it. It just won’t work!” button is a great idea. However, the feed comes back the next time I load Newsblur.


Looks like it’s working fine for me. Is it just one feed? Try right-clicking on it and deleting it. Does that work?

I did a whole bunch of weeding yesterday and when I loaded Newsblur this morning all of the deleted feeds are back again. Username is ‘supine’ and an example feed was… which I definitely deleted yesterday but it’s back today.

Martin, how did you delete those feeds? Did you right-click and delete? That’s bizarre, but also possible since it’s an optimistic delete. In other words, it assume the delete happened, even if it failed. And there’s no error message for a failed delete. Maybe I can add an alert when it fails, although I hate alerts.

Some were from the feed troubleshooting mode, clicking “Delete this, it just won’t work”.

The rest would have been a left click in the feed list, selecting “Delete this site” and confirming the delete.

Neither seems to have worked at all.

Hmm, are you able to delete sites right now? Is this a one time thing or every time?

Right now I can’t reproduce the issue. If I delete something and then reload the entire UI the feed stays deleted.

This same problem is happening to me - I have tried delting a feed and folder on both the web version and ipad version, but every time I refresh, the feeds are back.

It’s a scale bug for now, since the request is timing out. It’ll get addressed somehow.

Got it - I will wait to do my feed spring cleaning until things settle down. Thanks for the quick response.