Deleted feeds reappear

Today a bunch of feeds I’ve deleted suddenly showed back up - like 30 of them, which is a lot to re-delete manually. Any idea, why, or how to re-delete?

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Yes, I turned them back on. You should now be able to delete them. Instead I could have automatically deleted them and may in fact change to that model instead. These are known as orphaned feeds. Those feeds should all be previously unsubscribed feeds that were lost on Google Reader’s import.

Hi, thanks for your answer. Just to clarify: I didn’t migrate from Google Reader. Rather, I came from RSS Owl with a manually uploaded opml file. IN any case, is there a way to get rid of these deleted feeds that doesn’t require me to do it manually? Cheers, Dave

I would use the Oraganizer to delete them. It’s a fast way to just select them and batch delete.