Delete posts from feed list

I’m really liking NewsBlur so far, but the one thing keeping me from using it exclusively (and paying for it) is the lack of the ability to delete posts. I understand that you can mark as read and filter them out like that, but sometimes i would like to keep posts visible while others i want to delete, just like with an email account. If this was added, I would certainly pay full price for the service. Thanks!

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The good news is that I think no matter what, you’ll be able to hide posts. If there is a single post you want to hide, just right-click the title and go to the Intelligence Trainer to thumbs-down the title. You can also highlight a part of the title to hide all stories that share that phrase.

Now, that will hide the posts in red, but what exactly did you mean by delete? Delete so that it is removed from NewsBlur? It sounds like hide through intelligence classifiers is going to be enough.