Delete Option from Mute Sites

The mute sites option is great-- if I’m debating whether or not to delete a site, I mute it first and wait a week to see if I miss reading it. If not, then I delete it.

It would be handy to either have the option of deleting a site from the Mute Feeds window, or have the ability to list only Muted Sites in the Organize Sites window.

The current two-step process of unmuting and then deleting is kind of a pain-- especially if more than just a few sites have been muted. 

This is low priority, I just thought I’d suggest it.


Try the Organizer! It makes it easy to see all muted and unmuted sites and delete them.

Is there some kind of indication in the Organizer if a site is muted or not? I’m not seeing one…

At the risk of belaboring this point, is there someway to distinguish between muted and unmuted sites in the Organizer? They all look the same to me.

Yes, you are correct, it won’t show whether or not the site is muted. I haven’t heard of this particular use case, but adding some indication to the Organizer for a muted site would be pretty easy. I just have to figure out what it would look like.

Ah, ok. Thanks Sam. Good to know. Like I said, this is low priority.