Default to Folder/ When Loading

It would be nice if, when coming to the site it automatically took the user to the place where, you know, you read feeds; instead of the dashboard.


yup that was introduced long time ago in google reader to be honest, you know it’s fine to know what is new from dashboard but it’s even better if people can customize their experience! :slight_smile: thank you in advance for introducing it

I use this to open Newsblur :…
or you could use any other folder’s URL as opening page.

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thanks Pascal, yes I know we can use “custom url” but it would be nice to set the feature in newsblur preferences so you don’t need to remember url or smthing :wink:

I do exactly the same.

Bookmarking it works. :wink:

I usually just type dev. in the url bar and hit enter. Ultimately I’d prefer to use a dedicated news reader (Reeder) but I can deal with using a browser for now. It would just be nice to be able to set a default that’s more sane for me.