Default Mail Program vice Web Form

It would be nice if there were an option to use the computer’s default email program instead of the web form. It gives me a bit more control over emails to friends. It would also be nice if a native share link was available in the iPhone client.

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The iPhone client does have a native share link. But it’s hidden in the ‘Original’ view on the story page. I’ll move it out to the Story page once I add social to the iphone app. This will be coming up next immediately after I ship social, which is now in private beta.

As for making a custom email in the web, all you’d be getting is the link. So you could just compose the email yourself using the link. But I see what you mean. How about a link on the Email Story dialog that kinda does exactly what you want. Would it get use, since it would auto-populate the message, but you’d have to open the Email Story dialog first?

Moving it out works for me…less clicking is all I was looking for. Thanks!

Deployed! See the commit:…

Sam, is there any way you can make a preference that always chooses client email so I don’t even see the shadow box? Thanks! Ty

I just built it to open in your mail client if you hold down command or shift, but both of them would open up extra tabs and the main window, on top of the new message. And it’s a bit too much for a new preference. Just letting you know I gave it an honest shake, but it’s a no go.