default display changed to show more detail? - anyway to turn off/revert

Has the default display changed so that it includes some preview information?

I think that it might be related to this: on the front page I saw this, but I couldn’t see where to actually turn this off in the prefs.

Story titles now have Inline story content previews. You can also turn these off under Preferences.

Is there a way to turn this off? - on my dinky little 11 inch Mac Air this now means I can only display about half the number of stories now and for sites like Hacker News, it’s a bit of a waste of screen real estate as the ‘preview’ is just the comment links each time…

Thanks, Ace

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  1. Go to Preferences (little gear below your Feeds)

  2. Click on the Feeds tab

  3. Scroll down to ‘Story Content Preview’ and check ‘Don’t show a preview, only show the story title’

So this is fixed in an upcoming update. I specifically used this feed to fix it, too. Will be launched in about a week, I’d say.

I’m referring to hiding useless content previews. If you just want to remove them entirely, that’s been launched since I introduced content previews a couple weeks ago. I’m just launching a smarter heuristic as to whether or not to show the content preview.

big thanks - (to both of you) - that helped a lot! All sorted now.

The update just shipped, so those “Comments” will no longer show even if you have previews turned on.