Deep Link Without Login Shows Someone Else's Feed List

Today I used my wife’s computer for the first time in a while, and when I logged in Chrome opened automatically with my last URL but without a login. I think I had changed my email or password since I last used this computer.  Anyway, the home page came up, but with some other feed list on the left and the normal not-logged-in page on the right! I took a screenshot, but I’d rather not post it since it might be someone else’s information. If you’d like to see it, let me know where I can send it privately.  Maybe it’s a demo list or something?  Anyway, configuration is this:


Yep it’s the homepage demo account. I should really think about putting a banner at top to let people know it’s just the demo. When you reload the page, were you logged out or back in? Did logging in work? Oh, and can you please send that screenshot to I’d love to see it.

Glad it’s just the demo account!  When I reloaded the page, I actually got the demo list on the left, and the Next City feed from the URL on the right.  When I clicked the login button, the feed disappeared with a nice sliding animation. Once logged in, everything was normal.

I have emailed you the screenshot.