Dealextreme RSS feed broken

First I tried it RSS feed from just didn’t work. Now it does, occasionally, but for some strange reason it’s always only 50 itmes. While in Google Reader I see the real number - usually it’s 300+, sometimes 400+. Please fix this!


This is an unfortunate feed. The reason it’s doing this is because it’s timing out. I have a 20 second timer and this is hitting it nearly every time.

Also, I noticed that the RSS feed has 300 items in it, which is why it’s timing out. Parsing that many stories is taking > 20 seconds. I’ll look into figuring out how to better handle timeouts when the data is all there.

It’s now 6 month ́s later and we still have the exact same issue.
Newsblur allways stop at 50 posts. But today for example, the feed contains 308 items. (It is usually 3-500 new items, updated a bunch of times a week.)
Until now I have migrated everything beside my feed to Newsblur, but I have still been forced to use Reader to get this specific feed to work.

Now it’s 2013-07-01 and it seems that I will have to switch to anotther reader solution if this doesn’t get fixed soon. :frowning:

For the past few days I’ve been testing NewsBlur, Feedly & g2reader side by side and testing DealExtreme feed (among other things too) and this max 50 items problem with NewsBlur.

NewsBlur: DX feed returns only 50 items. (today about 300 new items in the actual RSS feed)

g2reader: seems to fetch all ~300 items but all are marked as “read” automatically because the site puts the feed in to “passive mode” because it contains hundreds of new items every day.

Feedly: all ~300 items are fetched AND all are marked as unread!!!

So long NewsBlur, for now… Feedly is a great service (it doesn’t have many other restrictions that NewsBlur has). It’s not perfect, it has some minor things to fix/develop, but it really seems to be the only choice to replace Google Reader (and I’ve tested over 10 alternatives).

Good luck NewsBlur, keep developing your service, currently it’s “number 2” in my list, and I might check back someday. Thanks for the hard work.

Samuel, Can you please respond to this or one of the other two tickets that report the issue with only recieving 50 items each time the feed is updated with 300+ items?
As a paying member I must say that the lack of response on this is really bad.

Markus, did you not read my response above? It’s still the case.